Our Vision

With this world we live in such a turmoil, we need to be at a place in our Christian life to be able to consistently show forth the grace, mercy, and love of Christ. If those around us cannot see Christ in our lives and be able to draw from us what they are lacking, we are not fulfilling the call God has for us as we should. The mission of our church is to use our full potential as believers to assist those around us in coming to a fully knowledge of the divine power of God. We desire to let the light of Christ show forth in us in our daily lives, to help teach those around us to look to God as our source of strength, hope and comfort and to help train up the Body of Christ to be leaders that God so desire of us. It is our mission to see the Body of Christ united and functioning as a well developed body should. If we do not quit, get slack in our walk, or just give up all together, then God can use us to be the vessels of honor that He so desires us to be and we will live to see our children and our children’s children be blessed by God.
Telling The Untold
Spreading the Gospel through sharing the message of salvation by Grace to the world.
Teaching the Untaught
Sharing the Gospel to those who desire a stronger, deeper walk of faith with Christ.
Training the Untrained
Teaching the Gospel to those who desire to assist in raising up disciples who can lead and train the masses.